1. Kamp

    Worklog Xbox One Keyboard Controller

    Hello all, First time posting here, but I was encouraged to create a build log for a project that I recently started to see what people think and to get suggestions for any improvements to the project. To start off, I was inspired to begin my project by a number of things. I play PC games with...
  2. Fruity_Grebbles

    Controllers, Devkit, Accessories and other interesting components

    I, like many of you, have accumulated gadgets and parts that at this point aren't worth the space they take up. Mostly I just want to get rid of them, so I'm not interested in making a ton of money here. At bare minimum, I'd like to be reimbursed for shipping, but it'd be nice to make the sale...
  3. Fruity_Grebbles

    NetBoy - A network-focused portable for games and work

    So I've been working on my portable concept over in my Mini-keyboard 3D-printing thread, but I figured that such a project would make a great 2018 summer contest entry. The goals of the project are thus: Comfortable physical keyboard and gaming controls Moderately compact Clamshell (?) Battery...
  4. Fruity_Grebbles

    Model Mini-Keyboard Mounting Solution

    It has come to my attention that I still have a lot of keyboards. The only reasonable explanation I have come up with (considering how amazing these keyboards are) is that people are discouraged to order keyboards and use them for lack of a good, reproducible mounting solution. @Luke had a...
  5. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB Keyboard Faceplate (Dreamgear Minikey)

    I've been selling these mini keyboards in the hopes that people would find cool uses for them. Luke went and did, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with his project so far. For those of you who have 3D printers, I went ahead and took some scans of the keyboard faceplate. I generated...
  6. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini Keyboards

    I'd love to get rid of these things. I have a bout a zillion, and they're great, but sadly sit in a large box in the corner. Here's the old ebay listing: Seriously, I'm taking offers. I have over a hundred. Down to trade, or sell pretty cheap. They're dope. Believe me. Uuuuuuusssse...
  7. Acronell

    Keyboards/Keyboard Layouts

    We all have our preferences, and tuni to stick by them as much as we can. What keyboard do you use? And what layout do you prefer? On my netbook I have a traditional Qwerty keyboard and layout, but I'm thinking of swapping the keys to match my preferred layout. My desktop I have a Matias...
  8. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB keyboards - Great for portables

    Had a few of these laying around. They've been tested to work with several computers, and even my Wii. If anyone wanted to include a keyboard in their next portable, or maybe just have a pocket-sized one to keep with your handheld, these are your best bet.