1. Benge

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Hi all, I really need some help i dont understand why the VGA patch is not working for me :rothink: I have plan to use VGA on my O-Wii, but after installing BBloader and activate the VGA nothing apears O.o I have tried many times to make it work, I have checked my connections several times, the...
  2. notmichaelhill

    Question What are some quick and cost effective ways to get things 3D-Printed?

    So, I don't have access to a 3D Printer in my house, and there's nowhere to really get things 3D Printed locally, so I was wondering if there were any services online where I could send files to somebody and have them printed and shipped to me? Thanks.
  3. Bakuku

    Question Wii Acting Funny

    Hello, So my Wii has this wierd issue that whenever I boot it up. It will boot but after a while it will Auto-Reset. Once it has Reset, the unit will reset again after X-time. These intvervals become shorter and shorter untill after a while the Wii just keeps resetting whenever PM has booted...