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  1. Mexyican

    Question Troubleshooting My Ashida

    Hello, I'm currently building my portable Wii using the 4LAYER boards. I love the design and the idea of it but currently have a few issues in actually putting it together. I can currently get the screen to work but it starts in AV2 and I have to change the channel over manually shorting the...
  2. WillF

    Shoulder Button PCB Tac Switch Button replacement?

    Greetings. I recently been working on the G BOY Rev 3 project I picked back up on. Unfortunately my friend accidentally spilled a little expoxy on the left side of the PCB. The right shoulder button tac switch was jammed and after removing it with a hot air iron, the button is still useless. Is...
  3. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved Ashida Help

    Hello, I am just about to order my parts for my own Ashida but there are a few things I need some clarification on. Also, I'm sorry if these are dumb questions I am still relatively new to console modding. -When using the u10 emulation from the RVL-PMS do I only have to remove the u5 chip and...
  4. TropicPug

    Question Trimmed Wii Won’t Boot RVL 40

    Hi all, Checked out an old board I had and wanted to see if I could get it up and running! Sadly it is not working! :C The chips heat up and a signal is detected by the screen (the screen goes a dark grey rather than staying blue). I have tried: Wiring video to a different av. (distorted...
  5. WillF

    Question [Not modified yet] Wii not working Black screen

    Here’s a Wii I will be using to make the G Boy Wii portable. I just bought this on eBay and the seller said that the system has a broken disc drive but works and boots into the menu. But when I power it on it only shows a black screen. I tried using a different composite and component cable, I...
  6. Xenon

    Solved did I break my trimmed Wii?

    I started the trim yesterday and haven't done anything besides the cut. While I was doing that a part of my motherboards traces on the edge got cut and I am not sure if it is necessary or unimportant. I will include a picture but I am not sure if I should start again or keep going. Any...
  7. ATmel91

    Discussion I'm making a Wii portable called the Poriblii, I need help

    So, a while ago I've decided to make a portable wii, I'm naming it the Portiblii! and I need help with its internals. I'm going to order some 18650 3-6Ah batteries wired in 4P (with internal protection because safety first), a 5" AV display, boost converter and buck converters for the power...
  8. Whaste

    Question I want to learn how to be prepared to start a project

    I know nothing about electronics, but I'd still love to tinker with them as a hobby. I have a few problems I hope someone can help me with. Since I'm still only 15, I can't get a project started and complete as quickly as I'd like so naturally, I think learning the basics of how to handle and...
  9. NahuelFlores

    Question PS2 audio/video wiring

    Well, it may seem obvious, because they already detailed it in the definitive PS2 trimming guide, but I need help. I have a PS2 SCPH-90010, and my idea was to connect the AV to the monitor and the audio normally, but I want to solder the wiring av directly to the board, that is, disarm the cable...
  10. Soulheaven


    Hello everyone, given that this is my first PS2 portable project, I wanted to know some tips on how to do this at both the video level and the sound level. First of all, at the time I wanted to increase, and to decrease the volume using keys without a potentiometer, only keys I wanted to know...
  11. Question Ps2 not turning on

    I was done making the portable but some buttons weren't working great and the joysticks needed new mounting solutions.... I left the project last night, tested it out today and it's no longer working all of a sudden, checked all connections and even unsoldered everything on the board that I'd...
  12. Slapofdoom

    Question Portablizemii on a SD?

    Is it possible to run portablizemii on a SD instead of a USB? I'm trying a project and i was hoping to make it decently slim, so I wanted to make most of the stuff (besides Wii games) run off of an SD card.
  13. Bakuku

    Question Wii Acting Funny

    Hello, So my Wii has this wierd issue that whenever I boot it up. It will boot but after a while it will Auto-Reset. Once it has Reset, the unit will reset again after X-time. These intvervals become shorter and shorter untill after a while the Wii just keeps resetting whenever PM has booted...