headphone jack

  1. SartoZ

    Question Rvl-amp to jack connection

    Hello everyone I was checking the connection between rvl-amp and headphone jack via ashida pcb with multimeter and I noticed that ground and right audio channel are swapped compared to the 4layer diagram. (The jack leg supposed to be wired to gnd is instead connected to hr and vice versa) So I...
  2. Aaron Miller

    Question U-AMP and Headphone Jacks

    I saw that the U-AMP has different jumper configurations depending on if you are using I2S or Analog Audio. What is I2S, and how does it differ from Analog Audio? Also, I would like to connect a 3.5mm headphone jack to my U-AMP, but I’ve found multiple jacks, some with 3 pins and some with 5...
  3. medic3k

    Solved Audio switching from speaker to headphone jack

    not sure how to go about this, I've got a few of the below amps sitting around at home, but I'd like to have a 'smart adapt' feature, where if I plug in headphones it auto-mutes the speaker output and redirects to the headphones. Unplugging the headphones would do opposite. current amps I have...
  4. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Need help with setting up my amp to switch from speaker to headphones when plugged in.

    Hello people of bitbuilt. I come to you guys with what should be a simple question: How would I go about making it so that when I plug headphones into my project the audio will stop coming out the speakers? I am currently working on newer version of my raspberry pi zero portable and plan on...
  5. Fiskers1208

    Question what audio amp should I use in my portable, and how do you wire up the headphone jack?

    I haven't built a portable yet. I am going to build one this summer, so I have all of the info I need but for the audio. What Audio Amp should I use? I am planning to have stereo audio. How do you wire up The Headphone jack. mmm, mmm, Apple.