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  1. Jonut521

    Discussion GameCube Portable: Add Battery Voltage

    (Sorry to remove all context from this thread but coming back to this forum, to put it simply... I'm embarrassed to leave such a stupid question up, especially with the backlash it got. Start fresh and all that).
  2. Joe DiCristo

    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    Hello! Thanks to this forum I have been making great progress and I am feeling more confident in completing this seemingly impossible Gamecube Portable project! However, one question that still troubles me is the choice of battery. I am thinking of keeping everything 12V to ensure stability...
  3. Joe DiCristo

    Question Help Me Design a Case? (Gamecube Portable)

    Hi! These past couple months I have been designing and building a gamecube portable. There are many things that need to be worked on and an enclosure for my project is no exception. I have access to a 3D Printer and CAD software, but I don't have a 3D scanner to scan the controller to get the...
  4. Would anybody build a GameCube portable?

    I wanted to know if anybody would be willing to build a portable GameCube for me. I have a GameCube with cables and 2 controllers that I can send. I don’t know what’s possible but if it can be near pocketsized and without a disc drive (I’d like to have the games loadable through an SD card) that...
  5. Nikoil

    Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    NGCP Many year ago when i was in school every week i watched Xplay tv show. Xplay make review on top best gamecube game. When it was i has only dandy. Then I think it best console in world. I very much wanted to get her for Christmas but..... And now after 10 year when i find this forum and...