1. Dig Dug

    Question Wii disk drive

    Could anyone tell me what this component is that got knocked off of the disk drive board?
  2. Question GBC not working

    I'm not sure if this is allowed to be posted so correct me if I should delete it, but I was on the bus and my GBC spontaneously stopped working. I've checked the batteries, and used an acid brush with isopropyl alcohol to get corrosion off the contacts. (I got it from a friend that said pay...
  3. Jakesirwalski

    Worklog My quest to fix this N64 Portable

    Hey guys! I've decided to make this a project for myself. With my determination and local connections, I have faith that I will eventually fix this portable. As known from my last thread, the N64 engine does not like to activate with the rest of the machine majority of the time. I opened it up...