1. cfc_12

    Eyoyo Screen auto ON and OFF using Electron Shepherd HDMI - Help!

    Need help to fix this The Component2HDMI and VGA2HDMI from Electron Shepherd actually works but the problem is, my screen auto turns ON and OFF almost every 3 seconds in an Eyoyo Motherboard as shown in the video. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? Perhaps maybe a resistor, capacitor...
  2. cfc_12

    Question U Amp 2 Digital Audio, Digital Volume Controls

    I'm trying to use the video from the PS2 converted using PS2HDMI to the HDMI of Eyoyo Screen. It is working when you use a HDMI Cable Then I tried using the ffc cable and connector and didn't succeed in getting the HDMI output I also tried this, yet still, didn't get an output This is the...
  3. Stitches

    5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    So there's this little 5 inch screen you can find on ebay by a company named "Eyoyo". This screen accepts 480p/480i/240p component in natively, which is dope. (No interlaced VGA tho, sadface) I put one in my AtarWii Liinx and it's so good! It has a few quirks to it that can make it hard to work...