1. emberwolf

    Question DVD drive extension cables?

    Hello. I'm working on designing my case for my GCp project. I'd like to slightly relocate the disc drive but I'll have to extend the ribbon cables. I recall seeing someone doing it years ago on either a mod retro or benheck post. I found ribbon extenders for the white 10 pin, but I can't find...
  2. ModderWizard

    Question Question on the interchangeability of disc drives

    Hello. I recently picked up a GameCube compatible black Wii to use with my new CRT. I wanted to play some DVDs on it as I have nothing else to use that has component hookups (using homebrew software, obviously). But, apparently, my Wii has a newer revision of the disc drive that doesn't support...
  3. Luca

    Portable Wii Laptop

    I have worked on this project for 4 months now. I'm done. I have a video. The first 2 minutes upon startup the screen goes crazy. No idea how to fix that, but games play fine. Inside is a mess. Fin.