ds lite

  1. Wesk

    Model DS Lite Scan (3rd Party)

    DS Lite Scan (3rd Party) Contains: DS Lite Bottom Screen Shell DS Lite Bottom Shell DS Lite Top Screen Shell DS Lite Top Shell DS Lite Battery Cover Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light...
  2. BeginnerTinker

    Question Looking for a full 3D Model of a Nintendo DS Lite Shell

    I got my hands on a broken DS Lite and wanted to repair it and customize it a little bit, but to do so I needed the 3d files of the shell so that I could edit them and then print them to use them instead of the broken shell that is now covering the one I own. I've been exploring the net far and...
  3. tomvdcr

    Worklog Pokedex DS

    first time posting here, so might aswell post my most eye catching handheld. which is this Jakks Pokedex toy that has been trimmed on the inside and has a ds lite fitted inside and it fits just perfectly. its fully functional just like a normal ds lite. I have reused the original dpad but for...
  4. kingderp2

    Question Help with DS lite rubber conductive pads and continuity

    Hello, so I'm working on my Wii portable which I made a custom PCB for. I was testing everything to see if it worked when I noticed that the rubber conductive pads I have for DS lite face/dpad buttons aren't closing the circuit and triggering a button press. I used my multimeter to check the...
  5. Question Help DS lite project

    So this is what I am having a problem with I can't seem to get where to connect the leds I cut to the ds lite bored to get it work here is some pictures of my progress https://ibb.co/j4Vmwsk https://ibb.co/M2vLJ7N
  6. Jamesyplays

    Worklog Gameboy Pocket Lite

    Hey guys, after being registered here for a bit, and saying hello in the forums, I thought I’d share a project I’ve been planning and working on over the last few months that’s nearing completion. I generally have really gotten into the gameboy macro scene - you can see what I’ve been doing...
  7. Hecmac

    Worklog Gameboy Lite Build

    I've wanted to shove a DS into a Gameboy for ages so I decided I might as well just do it. For planned features it's gonna have: Large battery, either 8000 or 12000mah Fast charging with USB c compatibility USB out to charge other devices Leds and El lighting, sound reactive and maybe RGB...
  8. DeoNaught

    Model Ds pads

    So in my Squiifer thread, I released a board for dslite rubber pads, it cut greatly on the side compared to using regular buttons. more people than I thought I would were using it. and asking for stuff on it I sadly lost when my laptop died. So I quickly whipped up a new one, and decided to...