1. Question LCD Display

    I have looked over the forums thoroughly, and I'm pretty sure this is what I need. I just want to make sure, just in case. Thanks in advance.
  2. Joe DiCristo

    Question Screen for Wii Portable

    Hi! After digging up some money I am finally shopping for parts for my wii portable. Lately, I've been looking for displays for the portable and this one was recommended to me earlier for a portable gamecube. While the display looks great spec wise, one thing is problematic: the voltage input...
  3. NLG

    Question Video Signal Issues

    I get wavy, faint, diagonal lines that run across the screen when the wii is on. When it turn the wii off but keep the display on there’s no lines. I tried using a shielded composite cable but i still get these stupid lines. Has anyone else dealt with these? Thanks
  4. Tech Flare

    Salvaged LCD Monitor doesn't display anything

    Ok, so I decided to follow this tutorial by DIY Perks: And try to make a DIY Laptop monitor from an old Laptop screen. I started by salvaging a 12 year old laptop that still worked but was so slow it couldn't be used. It was an HP Compaq computer (can't remember what it was called). Then I...
  5. Matthew

    Model Display Stand for Portables

    One problem I had with my portable was I could never really show it off properly, as such I designed a simple stand for it and decided to share it with the community. Although it's designed for a Downing portable in mind, It's universal enough that it will probably work with most portables...