1. MiseriesChild

    Question 64CC (PE); Only for OEM N64 Controller?

    I guess that the title says it all... is the 64CC Portable edition only for use with an original N64 controller or will it work with a really generic 4 wire aftermarket. You can see from the picture what I'm dealing with... and OEM controllers are hard to come, (more rare) and way more...
  2. fibbef

    Dreamcast ControlView

    This is the last of my old projects I'm going to post on BitBuilt. I'm resolving that anything going forward will be current projects. That way I'll actually be motivated to work on something new. Dreamcast ControlView is a DC controller with a 3.5" screen in place of the VMU window. It uses a...
  3. Madmorda

    Worklog Custom PS2 Controller Worklog

    I have been kept away from playing my PlayStation 1 and 2 games by the fact that I dislike the controller. I think that the left joystick should go in the top left as in most controllers (Xbox, gamecube, 3ds, etc) and I think that its placement on Sony controllers is very uncomfortable. To solve...
  4. Kanelot

    Solved C stick axis flipped and decreased sensitivity? (Maybe GC+)

    Hello all, Today I was wiring up my controls to my new GC+ board and found, to my great surprise, that while everything else works like a charm my C-stick appears to have the X and Y axis flipped, both with very decreased sensitivity. I followed the gamecube joystick pinout for my wiring and...
  5. Acronell

    Discussion Arcade Style Controller (Full Controls)

    Alright, so as a part of the ongoing bits towards building my Gamecube Laptop, still in it's infancy of the design stages, I am going to be building a custom arcade style controller to use as the main controls. I plan to use Aurelio's controller board for the ease of use and space saving, as I...