controller modding

  1. paddle0

    Release 2 DK Bongos → 1 rad Dance Pad

    This was fun… I used JonnyHaystack/joybus-pio to build a Dance Pad-like controller out of two DK Bongos. Rest assured: no DK Bongos were harmed in the making of this project! Both plug directly into ports in a bender box. They are hosted by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which converts their signals into...
  2. paddle0

    Question DK Bongos Identification Mystery

    Happy Holidays! Donkey Konga graphically represents whether you have DK Bongos or a GameCube controller attached, and varies its menu control scheme accordingly. Given that DK Bongos and the GameCube controller both provide the same device ID (0x0900) to the console, does anyone have any idea...
  3. Darmandude

    Worklog My GameCube controller mod

    I want to make a wireless GameCube controller that will still work on game cube this project was inspired by rRDNoob26 there are a few differences i am using a 3rd part controller one thing is that there will be no rumble and it will take a while like the rest of my projects.
  4. Cerenar

    Gamecube Mechanical Keyboard Controller

    After seeing some of these elsewhere online, I decided that I wanted to dip my toes into modding a little bit and make one for myself. Using the ASCII keyboard controller released in tandem with Phantasy Star Online in 2002 gave me a pretty solid starting line. The keyboard is a DROP + OLKB...
  5. Snailyman

    Question PS2 controller mod input issues

    Hello! I've never posted here before, and I've also never used a soldering iron before either, so there's a good chance that the solution to this is very simple - however, a brief search didn't help, so I thought I would ask here. Basically, I'm currently converting a regular (third party) PS2...
  6. Zopolis4

    Question Clicky Stick on Wii Nunchuck?

    Hi, I was wondering what the best way to implement clicky sticks (the analog stick that send an input when you press them down) on a wii nunchuck is. What I know so far is that the Wii nunchuck connector has extra pins. I was thinking, if I replaced the nunchuck analouge stick with a spare...