1. Nold

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] PS2DMG - Contest Entry 2022 - Worklog

    # PS2DMG - Contest Entry 2022 - Worklog ## Prologue Actually I wanted to wait with the Worklog, until I have successfully relocated the Video DAC chip on a PS2.. but since I already put so much work into the designing process, I think it's about time to let you guys know what i'm working on...
  2. DeoNaught

    Working log for Summer Bitbuilt 2019 Building Contest~

    I’m not too entirely sure what I’m going to be doing for this Contest, most likely a portable, and wii. This first worklog will be for me going through Idea’s, and what’s done. So far I haven’t gotten too far in anything, I have a couple of Case Idea’s, I have this one, Pretty much done, The...