1. DeoNaught

    Worklog The Kuēsā Computer {Bitbuilt Summer 2018 Contest Entry}

    Tbuddy’s Kuēsā Computer (Name still under development, so open to suggestions before it gets concrete) This is my Bitbuilt 2018 contest entrant. What it is: It is a SBC(Single Board Computer) I’ve decided to go with an Up board for the Brains of this operation(Thanks Dave <3), mostly...
  2. frostedfires

    Would this wiring work for a USB splitter?

    Ok, weird question but I have a computer with only one USB 3.0 slot on it... Can I buy a USB 2.0 splitter like this one (limited on room inside it so need a tiny one): Then, solder the GND, D+, D-, VCC from the mother board to the HUB. Then on one of the hubs 2 additional 2.0 slots, I...