1. Question Switch type of video output

    Hey, the screen I am using for my trimmed Wii just has a composite input but I would love to have an HDMI output port on my console as well. In contrast, the Wii2HDMI adapter needs component output which I get if I would bridge the 3.3v and mode pins. Is it possible to get both output types at...
  2. MrPresident

    Question My Wii composite signal has red and green mixed

    Hello, so recently I finally got a Wii for a good price to make a portable of. I installed PortablizeMii and evrything worked fine, except that at some point I booted a game and saw that everything except for the blue color looks yellow. The screen was already tested with another Wii and it's...
  3. NLG

    Question Video Signal Issues

    I get wavy, faint, diagonal lines that run across the screen when the wii is on. When it turn the wii off but keep the display on there’s no lines. I tried using a shielded composite cable but i still get these stupid lines. Has anyone else dealt with these? Thanks
  4. Tech Flare

    Question AV Trouble

    Okay so I’m on my second Wii now (I accidentally fried my first one), and I’ve run into some trouble. I opted not to trim my Wii because I’m not very experienced with that type of stuff. So on to the problem: I soldered the “ground” and “composite” wires from the Wii to the “AV2” and “ground”...
  5. Madmorda

    Small TFT Monitors: Vga vs composite?

    So I'm comparing the pros and cons of vga vs composite on 4-5" screens, and I want to know if it really makes a noticeable difference. I have a 4.3" I've used before (composite) and was reasonably satisfied with it, although I did feel the quality could've been slightly better. But I think that...
  6. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii video black and white, nintendon't messed up colours

    The screen of my portable only gives weird colours or black and white, instead of what it is supposed to be. Can anyone help me with this? I'm using a RVL-CPU-030 (not trimmed of course) and a composite video cable because i can't really see the difference anyway on a 7" screen. The resolution...