1. How do you keep your components?

    In general, I would like to know how you keep those components that you will not use for a long time (PCB's, screens, motherboards, etc.) I use a random box in a safe place, with bags with those tempting bubbles inside (mmmm squishy), and a antistatic bag. And you?
  2. Cid

    Components housing techniques?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any techniques to share for housing components in a case that is originally not made for your perticular components, especially with Frankencasing, like buttons, joysticks, switches, screen, breadboards... It's not just a matter of hot glue. -How do make...
  3. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB keyboards - Great for portables

    Had a few of these laying around. They've been tested to work with several computers, and even my Wii. If anyone wanted to include a keyboard in their next portable, or maybe just have a pocket-sized one to keep with your handheld, these are your best bet.