1. Nold

    Nold's Documentations

    Greetz, I will collect some of my documentations here. First off there are the DC & Xbox 'poor man's compendiums', Scans and more. I'm hosting them on my private gitlab instance, so you better clone it asap. [can't use github cause pics/scans are huge]. Console Hardware Original Xbox Docs...
  2. Aaron Miller

    OMGWTF Compendium Expansion

    I have found the Compendium, as well as the many guides here on BitBuilt, to be indispensable tools. However, sometimes, especially when I first started, it is somewhat difficult to see how everything fits together, and how to do some of the stuff you may want to do. In response to this, I have...
  3. Nold

    Board scan Wii RVK-01 Compendium [Libre-/GIMP-/XCF-Edition]

    Hi, I hope it's ok if I post this here, but since a few people (like me) don't want/can use Paint.Net, here is the latest version of the Wii-Compendium, converted to .XCF (GiMP Project). It can also be opened with Krita & likely many more! Download (Full / Resized)...
  4. ShockSlayer

    Worklog Wii RVK-01 Compendium (Released!)

    ...a massive undertaking using modern technology to bring forth a new era of portablizing. - Wii RVK-01 Compendium.pdn']Download - Full size Download - Resized - Wii RVK-01 Compendium.xcf']Download - Full size GIMP Download - Resized GIMP Get Paint.NET Get GIMP The basic...