1. MJMT

    Worklog "Clambone" SNESPI Handheld Clamshell

    I'd like to start by saying that I don't have much expertise in this stuff so I wouldn't mind a lot of help. The idea is to use the existing SNES PI bottom print with a modified SNES controller top scan with hinges added. A screen will mount on the hinges. I used some pre-existing models to "kit...
  2. Nold

    Worklog Nold's First WiiP - The WiiD!

    Just making it official now, it took me days to find a name for this project (Thanks @JacksonS for taking the name WiiSP, without even building a clam-shell :P).. Planned Specs: - Wii: LM420 - Controller: GC+ (Thanks @Aurelio & @BocuD ) - DS Slider, Speakers & Buttons - Display: 5" 4:3...
  3. Madmorda

    Model Wii S Lite 3d Printed Models

    I completely forgot to upload these haha. My bad. These are the models I used in the final version of my Wii S Lite portable. They fit an Intec DS Lite carrying case (not the DSi case) for any advanced modders interested in using the same case. Special thanks go to @Aurelio for modelling the...