1. Madmorda

    Silicone Molds for resin casting buttons

    Hello! I am taking a break from resin casting for a little bit, and figured I would offer up some of my molds in case anyone is interested. These molds were made with Alumilite, and were almost all cured in a pressure pot (maybe 2-3 individual pieces were not). I have listed individual prices...
  2. Diminuendo

    Worklog Haven't done a project in a while... SNES bluetooth controller Hori digital pad mod.

    I love my official SNES bluetooth controller for the switch and have enjoyed my various Knights - Hollow and Shovel - with it. Though, I can't help but find the lack of grips uncomfortable. Thankfully, Hori came up with a solution in the GameCube era; a SNES style controller with a more...
  3. Madmorda

    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Making your own buttons has a particular appeal to those of us in the portablizing community because it allows for more versatility when deciding on a color scheme. Why settle for colors Nintendo made when you can create your very own? Things you'll need: Oomoo 30 Silicone - $25-30 Art 'N Glow...
  4. CommanderBrace

    Best Quality mold materials~

    Has anyone used the resin casting method repeatedly? I know certain kinds of mold making materials will shrink over time, and there are better ones that wont shrink as much (more pricey~). However, I've heard of using urethane rubber as the mold material, which I'm unfamiliar with, and I'm sure...
  5. CommanderBrace

    liquid glass casting

    Has anyone used resin casts before for button and case replacements? I just met a man who has been using liquid glass to fill in the knocked out knots in his woodworking projects. It's incredibly hard, and provides a high gloss finish. While it costs quite a bit, it seems incredibly viable for...