1. Question Tips for adding common parts to case design

    I'm currently working on a Wii Portable design. I haven't done much 3D modeling or CAD work before, but when I did and I needed something like a USB port or HDMI port on a case, I'd end up grabbing a model for it, lining that up, then extruding through the case model to have the exact hole. In...
  2. Worklog The Wii Slim [WIP]

    Hi, I am currently reverse engineering the Wii's stock case to create a "Wii Slim". The project mainly consists of modifiable OpenSCAD files, so that i can easily change the height of the entire case and 3D-print a smaller one that better uses the space freed up by removing broken disk drives...
  3. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Getting started with EAGLE

    'Sup memers. I was wondering if anyone had good resources for getting started with EAGLE that they could direct me towards. I've done a lot of CAD with Solidworks and Autodesk, so the ecosystem isn't too foreign to me. Thanks for anything you've got.
  4. GingerOfOz

    Model Louii CAD Files

    I've decided to go ahead and release the Louii's CAD files and a rough BOM for anyone who would like to build their own. I've included both the STLs and the Inventor .ipt files so that you can tweak the design if you would like. Aside from a few tweaks to the internals, this case is identical...
  5. fibbef

    Guide [Fusion 360] Multicolor prints/adding designs to your case

    It's possible and not too terribly difficult to add multi color designs to cases or other 3D prints. This guide shows how this is done using Fusion 360 and Cura, but other modeling and slicing programs should have similar enough features to allow this. Special thanks to @nobble for getting me...