1. BocuD

    Solved Wii on 4.1e letterbomb not working

    Hello, I really want to start with my wii portable and i have almost all of the parts now (wii, cpu-50) GC+ (thanks, Aurelio!) and screen, batteries, regulators, basically everything. But the wii i got was secondhand (obviously) and the previous owner modded it at 4.1e and then formatted it. The...
  2. Question Trim help

    I trimmed my wii(6layer) but now it won't power on plz help.could this likely be caused by not sanding with the right grit? Or did I just cut something important? Unless I have to if rather not do the omgwtf trim. This trim will fit fine in my case.
  3. Question Brickless-Power

    Since I'm dealing with power here I decided it better to ask first instead of just winging it. I'm hoping to achieve power without a brick, like Gman's Wii Micro. How should I go about this? What would I need? IIRC wii portables run off less than 2 amps, so could I just get a 12v 2 amp power...