1. 5.5" Oled Screens?

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing very well during these trying times! I'm just wondering does anyone have any experience with the 5.5" oled screens from aliexpress? If not does anyone have any reasons why they shouldn't be used? (Besides the possibility of burn in). It accepts hdmi and...
  2. CalebPikmin

    N64 boards for cheap

    Any suggestions on buying N64 boards for cheap? Trying to find online and local but the cheapest I could find was 60 dollars. Seems a little steep but what do you guys/gals think?
  3. Omar Elsayed

    Question Can you guys check my materials for making a wii portable?

    GC+ and dual tact mod - bitbuilt store Mini PAM8803 audio amp board - here I want to be able to somehow use a poteniometer on the amp board (Any guides on this?), this is what I want to use - GBA 5-pin potentiometer WiiU gamepad speakers - here 4-pin headphone jacks - here. Should I use 3-pin...
  4. Question Wii board trim questions

    Hi all! Been creeping for a while on here and decided to start a project I will have serious difficulty with as I've never done this before. I do not need to cut the Wii board at all but I still need the board to be thin. *GC memory card slots are not needed * Only one USB is needed I've read...
  5. VOS MOD

    Question PAL to NTSC Motherboard Help...Please?

    Hi all, Haven't really been active on here in awhile but recently I've been working on a GameCube related project and ran into an issue, so I thought who would be better to help than the lovely BitBuilt community? Background: My project is to transplant the BIOS chips (the two MX chips) from a...
  6. Madmorda

    Board scan Wavebird Board Scans and Documentation

    I have recently started on a Wavebird controller project that involves dissecting and documenting the circuit board. I have ammassed some useful information that I hope others can use as well, so I'm posting everything I have so far. I will keep the link and images up to date, since I'll still...
  7. DeoNaught

    Solved Can i take this off of my monitor board?

    I am wondering If I take the Reg off of this board if I can run it off of 5V instead of 9V-12V Or should I look for something else? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Tech Flare

    Question Is there a good tested ac to dc converter for a portable wii?

    so I've started a portable wii porject and I have a 12v 6000mAh DC battery pack that I'm going to use, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good AC to DC converter for my portable Wii project.