1. Okiguess

    Question help me plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    i want to relocate the bluetooth and wifi but i am a beginner. any tips or is there a video on how to relocate the modules (prefered solution)
  2. harutoch

    Question Help with making a portable

    Hi, I'm currently thinking of making a wii portable. I'm getting a job soon (under 18), so I plan to save up about $600 to make a portable. I have no knowledge in making a portable, but I am willing to learn. I'm attempting to make a Louii as I love the design of it. do I have to buy custom...
  3. Question Bluetooth trace 10 reads short to ground

    Hey all, I'm trying to figure out why my bluetooth relocation suddenly decided not to work, without the module connected, the trace which should be connected to pin 10 reads short to ground. I've tried to cut the trace before it arrives at the edge of the board but that didn't fix it. Visibly...
  4. R. G. Marigold

    Question Why do the wires have to be on the shorter side when relocating the Bluetooth/Wifi board?

    I can understand why the wires would need to be the same length. But I don't get why the wires would need to be short in length, or what "short" even means since the word is relative by definition. Especially since both the Bluetooth and Wifi modules are normally located at the other side of the...
  5. OneSkyNet2012

    Question GBA SP BT adapter concept

    Hey fellow gamers. I have this concept in mind for a bluetooth module that would plug into the GBA SP and provide an easy plug and play option for BT audio. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a simple bluetooth module that can run off 3.3v. preferably with no need to...
  6. A_s6

    Question Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Spoofing

    I really don't know where else to put this because most things I see on Bitbuilt are hardware based, but I guess I'll just post it here. I have an Nvidia Shield Controller that's been lying around. I only have the included joycons for my switch, so I'd like to use the Nvidia controller on my...
  7. Solved Modded Wii Questions

    There's a couple things about the Wii and Portablize Mii I just can't seem to find. Is there any, way, shape, or form of Bluetooth I can get in any way on the Wii for things like controllers, headphones etc. If you relocate the Wifi module and you enable Wifi on Portablize Mii will you be able...
  8. Scrunch

    Question Bluetooth & PortablizeMii

    Heyo, I was wonder what the deal is with Bluetooth relocation, as I would like to play Wii games on my first portable. But the Bluetooth relocation seems redundant if you could hypothetically insert a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect a Wii remote? Same goes for wifi... The only reason I don't...
  9. Buying Custom Regulators / Trimmed Board (Found!)

    I'm looking for a wii board that still has Bluetooth (I have senor bar), as well as one memory card (wire, I can provide the spare slotting) and (wiring for) gamecube controllers, as well as the custom regulators pre-made and wired up If you have such a board, or at least a trimmed down one...
  10. ruumoo

    Question Bluetooth chip socket

    I will keep this simple: does anyone know how the type of connector on the bluetooth chip is called?
  11. BlueShadow

    Solved Bluetooth troubleshoot

    So I recently started on a Wii portable, I did a U10 relocation, and it was successful, tried to do Bluetooth and got it all hooked up to the best of my knowledge tested all connections and voltages three times. But I still can't get it to work, can someone help me with this please. The Wii...
  12. Möyh Mäyh

    Worklog Möyh Mäyh's trim attempt

    Hello there. I registered just a moment ago. So, I bought a Wii to try OMGWTF on and will most likely turn it into a portable and some kind of dock with GC ports and stuff. Main goal here is ability to play GC games, but I'm planning to keep BT and wifi. Progress so far consists of a succesful...
  13. SquarePear

    Worklog SiiMii - SquarePear's first portable

    I have no clue what I'm doing... Things I'm going to try to have in the portable: 5" Screen (With a touch panel that acts as the Wiimote pointer) 4 18650 Lithium-ion batteries buttons from a ds lite and other controllers 3ds slider 3D Printed case Charge & Play Internal Wimote IR leds and GC...
  14. nobble

    PiP! Nobble's Raspberry Pi Portable (tutorial in link!) Check out my latest portable! Raspberry Pi B+ that runs off a LiPo battery and has 720p touchscreen and 3 USB ports. It may be a few years old, but I am posting this here now since I have just recently joined BitBuilt...