1. Question Switching from BBloader to RVloader without a gamecube controller

    So I have bbloader installed on my Wii, and I want to switch to RVloader, but I don't have a gamecube controller. Also, I lost the usb I installed bbloader on so I most likely need a new one. What is the procedure I need to follow?
  2. passerine

    Question First time trimming, have both a CPU-01 and CPU-40 revision Wiis

    Heya, quarantine got me bored asf and I grew up on the Wii/GC both so I'm interested in making a portable. Blame my utter daftness and idiocy for overlooking the warning not to use a SanDisk USB drive. Well, I was able to use it to install BBLoader, however it got stuck on "exitting" after...
  3. BBLoader/PortablizeMii, neither working properly

    portablizemii never worked perfectly for me. I could load gamecube games, but never wii games, even when using a compatible usb drive. though i would try BBloder, and that didn’t work either. any tips?
  4. Benge

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Hi all, I really need some help i dont understand why the VGA patch is not working for me :rothink: I have plan to use VGA on my O-Wii, but after installing BBloader and activate the VGA nothing apears O.o I have tried many times to make it work, I have checked my connections several times, the...
  5. antonioks

    Guide BBLOADER Compatibility list

    Talking to friend Aurelio about creating a list of games compatible with BBLOADER, so I thought about making this post so that each member can individually contribute to the enrichment of the list and thus make life easier for those who are wondering what games they already have. run on...