1. Joe DiCristo

    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    Hello! Thanks to this forum I have been making great progress and I am feeling more confident in completing this seemingly impossible Gamecube Portable project! However, one question that still troubles me is the choice of battery. I am thinking of keeping everything 12V to ensure stability...
  2. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Lots of 18650s

    I have a bunch of 18650s from various sources. Is there a method I should use to test their health before I use them together? Any rules about matching capacity? Also, is there a BMS (like the ebay "red battery boards") that would be suited to using many cells together? I'm not really sure...
  3. Reilly

    Question Portable Wii Battery?

    I am completely inexperienced working with batteries and making them, I want to be as cheap as possible with my Wii Portable build, and have a relatively small battery pack. If someone who knows more about this could help me out, It'd be very appreciated. What I need to know: What's the most...
  4. z4ch4ry5

    Question Portable Battery Pack in a Portable?

    I've got a question on the feasibility of taking a portable charger, say an Anker power pack, disassembling the pack to improve form factor, and using it for a power source. Is this possible? I've realized that spending $20 on a battery pack that already comes with a protection circuit might be...
  5. pipbug

    Question Wii Portable Battery

    So I discovered that you can buy "18650" 3.7V Li-ion cells (5800mah/per cell apparently) for really cheap here in Canada, plus they're quite small. Four of them wired in series can supply 14.8V... a good amount to give to a Wii portable, no? Wondering if any of you have done this or if it's a...
  6. Madmorda

    Discussion Portable Battery Pack for Wii Portable?

    After doing my research on powering the wii, I have to decide on batteries and came across something I haven't seen yet. The cool part about the custom regulators is that you seem to be able to power it with whatever voltage you want (above 5v I believe). So that means that it's within the...
  7. Manestricker

    Solved What is the best way to charge battery's?

    I am referring to the circuit inside of the portable and how can you add a battery life indicator to tell if the battery is charged or dead? SOLVED:
  8. Geliot0406

    Question Best battery?

    So I have 100% decided that I will be making a Wii Laptop as my first portable. I have little to no experience with electronics, but i know the things I need to know, and all thanks to you! So, I will NOT be making a laptop case for this, instead, I am mounting a screen in a wii. Even though i...