battery circuit

  1. Rebel5611

    Worklog My First Wii Portable

    Hey everyone! I have wanted to build a Wii portable for a while, and just got the drive to actually start two days ago. I figured I would begin this process by designing a PCB for the parts directly connected to the USB-C port I plan to charge from and use for data transfers to the internal USB...
  2. PangolinPope

    Question Best Batteries for Beginners?

    Hey all, I'm very new to the modding scene and would like to try my hand at making a Wii handheld. I am currently making a plan for parts, but am unsure what battery setup I should have. While exploring the forums, I discovered that most use 18650 Li-ion batteries. However, I have heard that...
  3. Tech Flare

    Question Raspberry Pi Console Power/Battery help

    Okay so I am building a portable Raspberry Pi console, and my goal is to make it as close to the Nintendo Switch in form factor and function as possible. I've been thinking about how I want to go about this and I have come to a few conclusions: I'm going to use a 7" screen that runs on 12 volts...