3d model

  1. BeginnerTinker

    Question Looking for a full 3D Model of a Nintendo DS Lite Shell

    I got my hands on a broken DS Lite and wanted to repair it and customize it a little bit, but to do so I needed the 3d files of the shell so that I could edit them and then print them to use them instead of the broken shell that is now covering the one I own. I've been exploring the net far and...
  2. Question Looking for 3d model of GBA shell

    I can't find any 3d models of a gba shell that aren't either really bad, unusable, inaccurate, or cost money. If anyone has a 3d model for the shell please dm me on discord, my user is HippieHater97
  3. Bubberiffic

    Model I made a 3D model of a Joy-Con Joystick to Help With Custom Portable Designs!

    This model is to scale and can be used for whatever it might help you with! The measurements should all be good as I cross-referenced many diagrams, and I measured stuff myself as well.
  4. Chickacruh

    Release Wii Trim Template

    I designed this template to take away any of the uncertainty when trimming the Wii Motherboard. This makes sure the cut lines for a Wii are in the exact same place every single time, and it ensures the trimmed Wii matches the shape in the CAD software so it makes designing things more exact...
  5. ruumoo

    'Nintendo Switch and Joycon Mesh Models

    The Nintendos JoyCon Color Configurator uses unprotected, unencrypted .obj files, which can be downloaded by anyone. They aren't very high poly, but may come in handy for someone If anyone wants to use them for rendering, the textures and .mtl files are also openly accessible via the inspector
  6. ruumoo

    Worklog ProCon Shells

    As many other, I bought a Switch to pass the time during lockdown but after a few day, the ergonomic problems of the joycons in portable mode really started to show. Then I got the idea to create some simple fix for them, that anyone could perform. After taking them apart, I quickly realized...