3d design

  1. Bubberiffic

    Model I made a 3D model of a Joy-Con Joystick to Help With Custom Portable Designs!

    This model is to scale and can be used for whatever it might help you with! The measurements should all be good as I cross-referenced many diagrams, and I measured stuff myself as well.
  2. benefits8516

    Question What 3D software should I use?

    which 3D printing software should I use? I don’t know which one would be a good one to design for my wii portable. Any suggestions? (Edited)
  3. nobble

    Worklog MiiNii GiiCii: A theme within a meme.

    Hey BB! @Postman and I have been hard at work in the Mod Station cooking up new memes for all the goodbois! This one is a twist on a twist on hotdogs. :rothink: I found a Raspberry Pi case online that looks like a mini GC, someone then modified it for a SBC to emulate GC. The modified version...
  4. nobble

    Discussion Nobble's Adventures in 3D Printing (Creality OR Cfiction?)

    Hey BB! As some of you know from Discord, I jumped on the Creality Ender-3 bandwagon recently. Since purchasing my printer(s) I have done the following upgrades to one of them: Installed Anycube Ultrabase Glass bed (Don't buy this, it is a bit to small to fit the entire footprint of the bed...
  5. Koksi_90

    Worklog PK 64

    I would like to introduce you today a second N64 portable (the first was so awful that I would not put it here: D) It was my first 3d drawing and first 3d print I just bought a 3d printer (Prusa MK3). Now the portablize addiction has grabbed me and I'm just at the WII This Forum is so awesome...
  6. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.0 - BocuD's second Wii Portable

    Update: The Swiitch 2.0 is now completed! More pics here Original post: Hi, this will be the worklog for my second Wii portable. I really want to make this one without hot glue. It will (probably) feature: A 5" (touch)screen New 3DS sliders and buttons Custom lipo's, around 5500mah Fully 3D...
  7. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Anyone have a scan of a wavebird bottom shell?

    I couldn't find one online and don't have the means to scan it myself. It's a bit too organic to think about measuring and remodeling. If someone could take a scan, I'd appreciate it.
  8. Fruity_Grebbles

    Free design service

    Anyone's portable need a case? I'm practicing my CAD skills. Hit me up with your ideas. I'll do the first 3 requested.
  9. Ploy

    Question Gamecube portable need help. First build

    Shutout to The Mod Shop on Youtube for referring me to here (His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmjSpXJO4eVu5Pt2oKEadQ) Hello world, I am new to BitBuild and I came here to get help on my first build. I am looking to make a portable GameCube. I was looking to have it in almost like...
  10. Matthew

    Discussion 3D Design Software/Programs

    I'm almost finished up with my first portable, and I am really wanting to get into 3D design so that I can start creating my own unique cases and other things. I was wondering if anyone could recommend the software they use, the price, and the learning curve of the software. It seems that...