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  1. BocuD

    Worklog / documentation - RTD2662 Custom firmware

    TLDR: Ahrlad and me have been working on a custom firmware, look at features for the memes. Currently its not ready for release yet. Introduction @ahrlad and me have been working on some spicy memes for RTD2660 / RTD2662 based lcd driver boards. After a few months of work, we have it to a point...
  2. BocuD

    Worklog Swiitch 2.5

    The Swiitch 2.5 So, as some of you may know I've been working on a new wii portable again for about 10 months now. The main goal of this project was to give it the same form factor as the Swiitch 2.0, except make everything as neat as possible. That has been mostly successful during the initial...
  3. BocuD

    Worklog Nintendo Swiitch V2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    Hey all, as some of y’all may know through the discord, i’ve been working on a new portable for the past few months. This new portable is going to be mostly based on my previous one, as it felt very nice and i liked it a lot when it comes to shape / feel. The outer case is going to be the same...
  4. BocuD

    For sale: Rev 01 Wiis, BT modules, Wifi modules, Disk drives

    Basically anything thats on the rev 01 PAL Wiis is for sale, including but not limited to: - Disk drives - Screws - Cases - Metal shielding - Main boards - BT/ Wifi modules - Power bricks - AV cables Basically everything inside the rev 040 and higher wii's aside from the motherboards are for...
  5. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.0 - BocuD's second Wii Portable

    Update: The Swiitch 2.0 is now completed! More pics here Original post: Hi, this will be the worklog for my second Wii portable. I really want to make this one without hot glue. It will (probably) feature: A 5" (touch)screen New 3DS sliders and buttons Custom lipo's, around 5500mah Fully 3D...
  6. BocuD

    Question Wii trim not working

    Hey guys, I decided to continue with the Nintendo Swiitch. If I finish it in time I will post it as a contest entry, but I'm not sure if ill be able to finish it in time. Also, I created a new thread for this so you can find it without reading trough the entire worklog (if someone else has...
  7. BocuD

    Question Wii gc ports

    Hi, So i destroyed my previous wii (i cut a trace by accident while relocating the u10) and got a new one. It is a rev 60. It has a big problem though, when i connect a gamecube controller it just shuts off, almost like something shorts. The controller works fine on a gamecube or wii u. (using...
  8. BocuD

    [Discussion]Custom Regulators

    Hi guys So i am scraping parts and I just came by this now... What is the cheapest place you know to get PTH08080W regulators? The cheapest I could find was this, ~5$ per regulator...
  9. BocuD

    Solved Wii on 4.1e letterbomb not working

    Hello, I really want to start with my wii portable and i have almost all of the parts now (wii, cpu-50) GC+ (thanks, Aurelio!) and screen, batteries, regulators, basically everything. But the wii i got was secondhand (obviously) and the previous owner modded it at 4.1e and then formatted it. The...
  10. BocuD

    Worklog The Nintendo Swiitch - BocuD's first Wii portable

    Hey everyone, here i will be posting all of my shitty work on my duct taped together Wii Portable.
  11. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii video black and white, nintendon't messed up colours

    The screen of my portable only gives weird colours or black and white, instead of what it is supposed to be. Can anyone help me with this? I'm using a RVL-CPU-030 (not trimmed of course) and a composite video cable because i can't really see the difference anyway on a 7" screen. The resolution...
  12. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii black screen on booting games

    I have been working on a portable for about 2 weeks now, and up until now i always used a normal softmod and usb loader. But now that i got to the part of removing the disk board i installed PortablizeMii and when booting any game (Wii or Gamecube) it just gives me a black screen and no audio...