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  1. Ekterm

    Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    yall know about this video? @Gman Saw it and was having flashbacks to the time @jefflongo broke bitbuilt... Pretty positive review, except for linus not knowing a good dpad from his left earlobe
  2. Ekterm

    Pokemon Duel Cards

    I've been making these cards to use myself and thought I'd share them for whoever cares :D These are for playing Pokemon Duel like a regular ol board game, using a 24-sided dice instead of spinning the wheels. The board isn't too complicated so I didn't print that, at the very least you can...
  3. Ekterm

    Question BBvideo?

    I've searched and searched but to no avail, what is the current status on bbvideo and where do I figure out how to use it?
  4. Ekterm

    Discussion Wii native digital video

    I thought I ran across some mention of this in a different thread before, but I couldn't find it again. Just wondering about bypassing the AVE chip and converting the digital video signal into DVI or something, like the one gamecube mod. Where are we on this, how much has been tried? What are...
  5. Ekterm

    Guide De-Lidding the Wii chips

    I wanted to document and discuss the delidding of the Wii's chips, since it doesn't seem like a very common thing to do right now and there isn't much info on it. The benefit is slightly better cooling, and this would be important for passively cooled systems. By delidding the cpu and gpu, you...
  6. Ekterm

    My First Wii Laptop - 2016

    This is the first Wii portable I ever did, back in 2016, and it's still working well to this day! I made this for my senior year 4-H electrical project and won Grand Champion! I didn't know much about the Wii back then, I didn't really even know there were board revisions and refreshed chips...
  7. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    So I really like modifying cooling systems and I am convinced enough that this is possible to go full steam ahead and build it! I honestly have a LOT of other stuff going on though so I may not finish it for a couple years even, just wanted to get a discussion going and maybe solve some issues...
  8. Ekterm

    Question Video signal capacitors

    Those big capacitors along the side of the GPU that the video signals pass through, can you do without them? I see them left on the standard trim but not on other trims.