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  1. Ekterm

    Question overriding the necessity of a CD drive

    Do you mean an internal ssd instead of or along side of a disc drive? As far as I know there is no way to mount any other type of storage to the disc drive connection... Otherwise, an entirely internal ssd would have to be converted to usb and soldered to one of the usb ports, so you're really...
  2. Ekterm

    G-BOY: Holiday Collection & RVL LCD Direct Drive

    This is hype, that direct drive board is smaller than I ever expected! We are truly in the golden age of wii modding
  3. Ekterm

    Solved Blower Fans that can be used to cool the Wii?

    You can get all kinds of these 5v thin blower fans from laptops, if you don't have any junk laptops you can gut just go on ebay and type laptop fan, heres one example You may have to run it off...
  4. Ekterm

    Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    Guides: Forums with in progress projects: Completed projects: Other useful links- Electronics 101...
  5. Ekterm

    Linus Tech Tips G-Boy vid

    yall know about this video? @Gman Saw it and was having flashbacks to the time @jefflongo broke bitbuilt... Pretty positive review, except for linus not knowing a good dpad from his left earlobe
  6. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    yup I can confirm, will do
  7. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    Looks like Wii have an update! (don't worry the rest is cringe-free) Finally got the aluminum part of the case milled for free at college, so those memes are attached. Little chonkier than I was expecting, but this is as thin as a portable can get with 18650 cells. There are little bits of...
  8. Ekterm

    Worklog wiiasy

    Internals? :awesome:
  9. Ekterm

    When I was small the world was such a strange place

    When I was small the world was such a strange place
  10. Ekterm

    Question 14.8v Battery

    Sorry dude, only English on this forum
  11. Ekterm

    Worklog First wii portable for final paper

    What drives are you using? There's a list of compatible ones here
  12. Ekterm

    Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    Also the wifi antenna wire is shielded
  13. Ekterm

    Worklog First wii portable for final paper

    A 6-layer draws quite a bit more power and therefore needs more cooling, so a 4-layer is highly recommended and will greatly increase the usability of the portable. The 4-layer is not much harder than the 6 to trim, only the bluetooth relocation comes to mind where you need to scratch off solder...
  14. Ekterm

    Question need a u10...

    What temperature are you using, and an iron or hot air? Hot air makes it so much easier, but I've got a couple if you really want to buy.
  15. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    So you're tellin me putting the bluetooth right behind the middle of the screen like this won't kill the signal like ten feet away? Would it help if I soldered a wire to the antenna to run closer to the front? The screen is big enough I'm imagining some group playing with Wiimotes would be...
  16. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    Can I stick it behind the screen and still have good connection to wiimotes?
  17. Ekterm

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    I've got a good layout now and drew in some power and data lines, but I'm concerned about how the bluetooth data crosses like all of the main wii power wires, is that going to be a problem? And since I think I have all the parts now (except for the c-stick), tell me if I'm missing anything big.
  18. Ekterm

    Discussion Wii Power Management System (open source)

    About how many watts of heat does it give off? Also if someone could post a thermal scan under high load that would be awesome :awesome:
  19. Ekterm

    Pokemon Duel Cards

    I've been making these cards to use myself and thought I'd share them for whoever cares :D These are for playing Pokemon Duel like a regular ol board game, using a 24-sided dice instead of spinning the wheels. The board isn't too complicated so I didn't print that, at the very least you can...
  20. Ekterm

    Portablizing BOM

    After looking through just about every tact switch ebay has atm, I cannot find any orange squishy tacts like in the BOM. However, there are these gray ones that you start seeing at about $4 for 20 when searching "tactile button". I bought some but not sure if the quality is as good, anyone...