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  1. Fred Manders

    G-Boy won't turn on after soldering the USB data lines for the 10th time

    I've had the pleasure of my G-Boy turning on a couple of times. But so far I've just got one Mario Kart race and one F-Zero race done. After ever time I've used it, something came loose. Which I know has to do with my sub optimal soldering skills. I've fixed the controls that came loose and I've...
  2. Fred Manders

    Question Fitting a Wii inside a NES

    While I wait for my parts to arrive to continue on my Summer Competition Build, I wanted to get some practice in with Wii motherboard trimming and relocating things on the board. To practice, I'll be using my 6 layer Wii. I want to fit it into an old NES, with the port intact at the back and the...
  3. Fred Manders

    Worklog Frii Lite

    Hey all, Welcome to my first worklog of my first Wii portable. I have the nasty habit of renaming my device to include part of my name. At home I have Fredbook Pro, a Surfred Pro 3, a Airport Frexpress, you get it... So let's welcome the future member of this family, the Frii Lite! My...