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  1. Dominic Wake

    Reverse Engineering A Console And Making A Emulator, Questions?

    OK I know it is not easy to make a emulator but I do have questions from what I have been looking at and I think this would be a good place to ask a few of them. Respect to console hacking as well! 1. I have seen a video of some one taking apart chips and looking at how they work in this video...
  2. Dominic Wake

    Question I have read that you can use over 2tb HDD with wii

    hello i have been looking about and i have read that you can use a large hard drive as long as you format it like this Install them with WUP Installer GX2 to USB (or nand if you want) Play them from your SD card using the homebrew Loadiine Play them from your FAT32 USB drive with Loadiine...
  3. Dominic Wake

    Question USB HDD, SDD, What One To Get Question

    hello I was wondering what usb HDD to get any one know for there experience of modding the wii what one to get. I know SDD are very expensive at the moment so i am going for a HDD. I am looking for a 2tb one so i can put a lot on it. but im sure other people are wondering about this i did look...
  4. Dominic Wake

    no games found please rebuild cache! WII GAMES

    i can not load the wii games when i go too delete and force neek refresh/reboot it go's to a black screen and dose not reboot....... every thing else is working i did just reinstall with the WIFI ios maybe that did it
  5. Dominic Wake

    Question I'm useing a component cable I'm in the pal region

    On the genesis plus gx if i load a ntsc rom or jap it say's invalid format on my tv. but with the old composite cable it works just tested yes it works. I did try to look for a adapter couldent find one for a component one. Dos not matter i will just use the av cable. and i did look for a 2...
  6. Dominic Wake

    Question How do I import covers from retroarch

    I have just reinstalled PM with the WIFI ios no pictures coming up when i go import snapshots as covers
  7. Dominic Wake

    Question is it just wii portablizemii ?

    just a quick question do you any other projects i would love to see another soft mod project some time in the future pm is a very cool launcher i guess it would be a lot different to figure out
  8. Dominic Wake

    What Hard Drive To Use 2TB Question

    hello i was just wandering about external hard drives and a good 2TB let me know the model number and another quick question do most hard drives work.... whats the compatibility with it
  9. Dominic Wake

    Question my hard drive loads slow get no config file found

    hello i have a portable hard drive and it loads slow so it dosent boot up the portiblizemii straight a way i have to go to wii menu then then too the homebrew and reset to the portiblizemii menu. is there another way of putting it on the sd card to boot i tryed, create on sd card and start...