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  1. G-Boy software installation

    oh crap i misread that and i thought they didn’t have pm installed my bad edit: doug dimmadome? nice
  2. G-Boy software installation

    you must install bbloader before trimming. unless you want to go through the hassle of perfectly relocating the bluetooth and wifi module, install bbloader!!!!
  3. Worklog To be named wii.

  4. story about my terrible soldering

    double post because i think i figured out drag soldering, so i might attempt a lmaov2 in the future!
  5. story about my terrible soldering

    so when i was about 9 years old, i became obsessed with building robots. so, i bought the cheapest firestick, solder, and arduino nano clone i could find and i started building. this year when i discovered bitbuilt, i realized that the tools i bought were terrible, so i got a decent iron, some...
  6. Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    great work benge, the portable looks amazing and the video is great as well! i can’t wait to see what you’re making next.
  7. Community updates to Assembly Guide?

    for your question about the gc+ 2.0 configurator, you can find it here for vga, it clearly says in the manual: Using the twisted 34 AWG magnet wire we used to wire the USB lines, we will be wiring VGA to the LCD driver board. Twist and cut 4 lengths of magnet wire. they are alternate...
  8. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    please read the post above yours
  9. Discussion Share your pets

    rip oreo’s balls
  10. Worklog Another Copy Cat "Louii" Build

    it’s typically best practice to just do it in your garage/outside
  11. BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    i don’t think there’s plans of this being supported for vWii
  12. Discussion Share your pets

  13. Question Good 16:9 Screens?

    not sure what you mean about a 7” touchscreen, but i found this on adafruit: you can use it with the hdmi driver board:
  14. Worklog Wii Slim

    the usb ports can be relocated as long as the data and power lines are connected to their old locations on the motherboard. the data lines should be twisted together tightly to avoid interference. as for your usb c power solution, it should work if you remove the stock power jack and rewire the...
  15. Question Where do I start?

    aside from the guides, you should also read through the gboy manual and many work logs as they typically have very useful information
  16. Fiddlesticks’s Twilight Princess G-Boy

    if you didn’t damage the u9 or u5 pads then it shouldn’t be a problem
  17. G-BOY: Holiday Collection & RVL LCD Direct Drive

    it uses the wii’s digital video output from the gpu to directly run an lcd screen without a driver board
  18. G-BOY: Holiday Collection & RVL LCD Direct Drive

    are there plans to add the 3.5” ips to the store?
  19. Worklog Real Boy

    thank god gman suggested magnet wire for the cartridge slot connections, those look like a nightmare to wire
  20. The Enduro portable Wii

    damn that looks amazing