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  1. Triton

    Stuff you Print ITT

    I just got a new 3d printer a few days ago and i've been goin all out with it lol. Anycubic Predator delta, 370mm diameter 450mm tall build volume. still playing with stuff but its been pretty great so far. its legit big enough to print my previous printer at 1:1 scale lol. currently using up...
  2. Triton

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    i've only been "working" on it for ELEVEN YEARS lol
  3. Triton

    BitBuilt's Rank Guide

    can I transfer my benheck post count over? lol
  4. Triton

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Surprised I hadn't joined before now. Many of you know me already from the Midwest Gaming classic and the BenHeck forums. I've probably got half finished portables older than some of the members of this forum lol. Don't have any portable projects actively underway at present, although i do plan...
  5. Triton

    Midwest Gaming Classic 2020! (April 3rd - 5th)

    Unfortunately we've gotten official word that the city of Milwaukee has canceled the event :( Link to the statement on facebook