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  1. RubesCode

    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread (WURD)

    As of now, On normal FW and current CFWs, the gamepad is required to open any system apps, as well as most games. It is also required for the current CFW setups. During my work repairing a gamepad, I found it will not boot without the following plugged in: Wi-Fi card, Display, Touchscreen input...
  2. RubesCode

    Worklog I'm building the Nintendo Switch U

    Honestly not sure, they sound fine where they are, and leaving them saves me a couple extra cuts. We'll see.
  3. RubesCode

    Worklog I'm building the Nintendo Switch U

    Hey all, I'm Ruby. About 10 months ago, while fixing the family gamepad, I thought it would be cool to stick a Switch in there. I didn't know if it was at all possible, but I kept it in mind. Here I am now, with part 1 of 3 complete on my Nintendo Switch U. Feel free to ask any questions! This...
  4. RubesCode

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    hihi! I have a lovely project to show y'all soon