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  1. Blitz4597

    Question Soldering LCD screen questions

    Currently I'm trying a small raspberry pi portable project, however I'm having issues trying to set up and power a small LCD screen from the rpi itself. I'm currently using a Raspberry pi 3 b+. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this, and i was wondering what spots in...
  2. Blitz4597

    Raspberry Pi noob questions thread

    How would one use/solder a composite screen to the Raspberry Pi 3 b+?
  3. Blitz4597

    Question Video board help

    I'm using this screen for my portable wii: 5’’ Inch TFT LCD Car Color Rear... Which this is the first time ive ever done this, but im trying to figure out where i need to solder the magnet wires from here: to somewhere on this board: idk if anyone has worked with a board or screen like...
  4. Blitz4597

    Trimmed wii board

    Anyone willing to sell a trimmed board? If so pm me!
  5. Blitz4597

    GC+ or 3d printed case

    If anyone has a gc+ laying around id be happy to take it off your hands for a price. I'm also looking for someone who does 3d printing for cases (since i dont have access to one) Thanks! EDIT: I have someone working on the case, just searching for the gc+ now
  6. Blitz4597

    Question First portable wii advice?

    hmmm is there possibly a Bill of materials? Before i even get started i wanna make sure i have all the components ready at hand, or at least a pretty good start.
  7. Blitz4597

    Question First portable wii advice?

    Hey everyone, i'm pretty new here but have been lurking on the forums for a hot minute. I've taken a good bit of time to look at several other threads and other portable wii's created on here. I also have looked at several of the guides so i started to figure up a plan for my own. Things I...
  8. Blitz4597

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!