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  1. A billion lions or all 1008 Pokémon?

    In terms of game rules, I don't think lions would win since earthquake could kill all of them, but the idea of using game or anime rules in of itself is flawed since they are both tailored to the pokemon, giving them an unfair advantge. The only way we could settle this is by approximating the...
  2. Question XBOX One PCB in Switch Pro Controller?

    I know you wanna avoid converters, but this adapter has had a pretty good track record when it comes to connecting different brand controllers to other platforms. 8Bitdo Adapter 2 USB Wireless Switch Controller for Windows, Mac & Raspberry Pi, Compatible with Xbox Series X & S...
  3. How should I trim my Wii in order to keep video, sensor bar, and Gamecube controller ports?

    You'll need the usb slot to boot rvloader Other than the usb slot, the trim looks like it could function.
  4. Question 2DS circlepad to joystick

    Those other mods don't actually swap out the sticks, they just replace the circle pad caps with vita sick caps.