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  1. Question Viability of Electroplated Cases

    That sounds pretty neat! How well do they stick to 3d prints? Do they hold up well to wear in your experience? Interesting. The video I saw showed someone using nickel spray paint and regular paint to coat, then used a solution to replace it with copper. Regarding the graphite, I'm assuming...
  2. Question Viability of Electroplated Cases

    So, as the title states, I was wondering how practical it would be to use electroplating to make more interesting 3d printed cases. I think it would be cool to have the metal feeling without fully committing to CNC machines and all-metal cases. To badly and quickly explain, electroplating...
  3. Worklog Unnamed Wii U Gamepad Wii-p

    Whoops, apologies for the mix-up. I like that there is a cheaper option to replace just regulators.
  4. Worklog Unnamed Wii U Gamepad Wii-p

    Not to necro a thread, but should be around $90 provided nothing changes. I've been looking at them as well. Edit: Figured I'd include a link to @Aurelio's interest page: