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  1. Beginner projects to prepare me for n64p

    yeah, im planning to fix a bunch of n64’s and my dad is a really good engineer who will definitely help me with some soldering & stuff, but i really didnt think about that, so thanks!!
  2. Beginner projects to prepare me for n64p

    Thanks this really helps :)
  3. Beginner projects to prepare me for n64p

    so... i posted a thread earlier today about n64 portable, and ive done a bit more research, and realized that since i am a noob, i should start at something easier. I came here to ask if one of you fantastic people could provide me a few project ideas that could hone my general skills to build...
  4. Question N64 p help :)

    thanks to all of you who helped me! i will look through the guide hub! ;)
  5. Question N64 p help :)

    hey, im new here and would like some help with designing and building my own n64 portable, and I would reeeeaally appreciate it if someone were to give a general BOM (bill of materials) or design concepts IF POSSIBLE. I would really appreciate it and have a nice day! ;)