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  1. MomSpaghetti


    great build! what have you used for the controller?
  2. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog An attempt to recreate the PS2 PCB

    Amazing work, I have tried this 3G/4G router without the RJ45 port on the PS2 and it did not work, i had to resolder the jack for it to start reading the games.
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    Worklog Portable NeoGeo MVS

    This is amazing, great job!
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    Question Pi3 + smb not work

    This wouldn’t work, at least unreliably. you need to keep one Ethernet port. Since Ethernet ports have internal circuitry containing some transformers and some things for the signals, you basically removed that whole circuitry.
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    Worklog AtomicPlayStation2: My first portable project. My first portable PS2.

    Your work is clean, you’re breezing through the whole process, keep it up! I look forward to seeing the finished product.
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    PS2 Portable, like an oversized gameboy

    Nicely done! I really love the trigger placements as well as the memory card slot idea, great job. How is it on the hands though? Does it feel right? I feel like the sticks might be awkward to reach, but that’s just judging from the picture.
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    Discussion My First N64 Portable

    It's good that you know what you need to start your journey, but in my opinion, the most you need is dedication, you will fail a lot, but you just need to pick up and continue, a lot of portables just die midway. I look forward to what you have in mind!
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since the last update, i just had to procrastinate. Anyways, to it. One of the things that i focused on most is the internal cleanliness and less wiring making the device easy to assemble. This marks the end of my entry. Thank you all for reading...
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    Worklog Wii Portable #2

    I love this.
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    Worklog First N64 Portable

    Nice progress! I like the ergonomical look! have you tested the FRAM memory pak? My N64 isn't recognizing it for some reason, even double checked my pins for good measure.
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    After a whole month of delays, and a lot of complaining to the forward shipping company i deal with, I finally received my packages. So i started putting the whole thing together! Afterwards i programmed the chips. Glad to say that the whole power management side works well! I haven't really...
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    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    What an idea man, I love it! Everything just fits so perfectly! it also looks like the perfect iphone gift.
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    Even if it's a small update. the ULTRAVGA Installation was succressful!! I can not believe this quality, It's like looking at an emulation's video quality, It's so weird! Thank you Marshall for developing this masterpiece. If there will ever be another UltraVGA run, I'm 100% in, Even if i...
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    About the 18650 Lithium cells

    Definitely go for this: NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mah That battery is from Panasonic, and It's legit, most people here used it in their projects including me.
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    About the 18650 Lithium cells

    Um, 18650 that have the capacity of 9900mAh? That's definitely a fake capacity, can you link them?
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    The connection guide points to the RCP end of things, That's why i chose the straightforward route. Another thing, the RCP pinout is the same for every revision while the NUS changes for some revisions, i just didn't take the step to trace mine, Wanted to make a neat straight connections!
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    Hello, So i decided to make a small update, a lot of packages are taking too long to reach me, None the less, i made progress with what I'm given. First of all, I have digitized everything at this point, From the N64, to the Cart slot: I'm currently half-done with my case design, the top...
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    Oh, thank you for pointing this out, i actually didn't know this existed. i kind of figured it out myself, But thank you for the pointer! And the chip im using in the circuit is the same one you linked. I'll verify my pinouts.
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    So i decided to kick it up a notch. The Memory Pak released by Nintendo featured SRAM, that required a 3.3v constant source to be present all the time so that your save data doesn't get erased, which is a 3.3v battery. However, we can easily swap the SRAM to FRAM execluding the need of a...
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    Worklog Wesk's *Real* N64 Mini

    This looks amazing, but the controller slots might be a hard fit, interested to see how this goes.