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  1. Mirage Designs

    Gamebii Advance portable (Wii)

    I'm in awe, Do your solder buttons have analog functionality? Great job!
  2. Mirage Designs

    Soldering Pro Tips

    Clamps are a must, don't want your project sliding across the table while your working :)
  3. Mirage Designs

    What LCD is used in the G-boy

    Hey Guys do any of you know what LCD is used in the G-boy? After an hour of looking I cant seem to find anything about it.
  4. Mirage Designs

    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread (WURD)

    Super excited! time to start doing some research!
  5. Mirage Designs

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

  6. Mirage Designs

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Is it possible to uninstall bbloader?
  7. Mirage Designs

    Worklog My first Wii portable (Wii Book)

    It's looking Great! Can't wait to see the final product!
  8. Mirage Designs

    Worklog Project Switch Mii

    Hey all! I made a new thread, where I give updates on my first Wii portable! If you have any advice feel free to comment Now here is my idea, I want to make a Wii portable with a Switch Lite aesthetic, so this project could only be called, Switch Mii. Im planning on using the GC+ controller...
  9. Mirage Designs

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey all! I'm Mirage and super obsessed with Wii portables, I have a little bit of experience with PCB design, but I'm a complete newbie from a soldering stand point. I will greatly appreciate any advice. :D