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  1. WillF

    Best USB C PD Board for Custom Mini GameCube System Build?

    Me and a fellow modder are working on a custom mini GameCube Console build kinda similar to the GameCube Nano and Micro but with a slightly bigger case to fit a regular OMGWTF Trimmed Wii and other basic custom PCBs. The goal is to make it the least difficult and open source build for beginners...
  2. WillF

    Wii Omega Trim Commission Request for GC Nano Build

    I'm looking to build the GC Nano but I definitely cannot trim a Wii any smaller than an OMGWTF. I don't know anything about the market on commissioning OMEGA trims so let me know how much you would charge for a commissioned trim. Thanks, Will
  3. WillF

    Custom GameCube controller PCB motherboard Commission Request

    Greetings! I bought this rare unique SpongeBob Edition Gamecube Controller last month that was heavily modified. The previous threw an OEM GameCube Controller motherboard in there which doesn't fit due to the different size and different lower start button location. I can't seem to find any...
  4. WillF

    Question Any extra G Boy Shoulder Button PCBs?

    Does anybody by any chance have any spare G Boy Rev 3 or 4 Shoulder Button PCBs they’re willing to sell to me?
  5. WillF

    Tactile Switch GC Shoulder Button Guide?

    I had a shoulder button PCB for my Wii Portable that got permanently damaged when my friend spilled epoxy on the board. Gman told me that there's no more of those PCBs, so my it seems like the only way is to wire the tactile switches to the new GC+. Is there a guide of how to wire those tactile...
  6. WillF

    Shoulder Button PCB Tac Switch Button replacement?

    You sir are a LIFE SAVER. Appreciated!
  7. WillF

    Shoulder Button PCB Tac Switch Button replacement?

    Greetings. I recently been working on the G BOY Rev 3 project I picked back up on. Unfortunately my friend accidentally spilled a little expoxy on the left side of the PCB. The right shoulder button tac switch was jammed and after removing it with a hot air iron, the button is still useless. Is...
  8. WillF

    RVL PMS Lite info

    Greetings! I'm picking back up a portable Wii project from last year. I got myself the new RVL PMS Lite and I have the diagram from the 4layer technologies website. But Does anybody have any worklog photos of a already finished wired up RVL PMS Lite? I wanted to see what it looks like when...
  9. WillF

    Does this Trimmed Wii Motherboard look right enough to function? (Haven't tested yet)

    I'm getting back to my first Wii Portable Project I started almost a year ago during my college break. This is a Wii trimmed and rewired based on the OMG-WTF trim method. It's been heavily sanded using 600-1000 Grit Sandpaper but I haven't wired this up to power yet, but before I do so I want...
  10. WillF

    Question GameBoy Macro help!

  11. WillF

    Question [Not modified yet] Wii not working Black screen

    Yeah. I tried manually syncing using both Wii and the Wiimote but nothing works. I just keep getting those flashing lights on the bottom of the wiimote
  12. WillF

    Question [Not modified yet] Wii not working Black screen

    Here’s a Wii I will be using to make the G Boy Wii portable. I just bought this on eBay and the seller said that the system has a broken disc drive but works and boots into the menu. But when I power it on it only shows a black screen. I tried using a different composite and component cable, I...
  13. WillF

    Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    Hey guys, I know to use this as a Wii for the most part, you have to reinstall the bluetooth modchip but I also know the controls are some Gamecube Controller interfaced setup. Is there a way I can use the regular controls to play games like New Super Mario Bros Wii, or Mario Galaxy without...
  14. WillF

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    I'm using the G Boy Kit so I'm fairly new to the community. Do I use USB for the loader on that?
  15. WillF

    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Hello, I installed BBLoader successfully through USB. I'm going to be converting it to a Wii Portable but I thought BBLoader runs on SD Cards. How am I going to interface USB when the Wii is trimmed and re-wired?
  16. WillF

    Discussion BBLoader issue log. (old, no longer used)

    Is there no way to run BBLoader on the SD Card later? Does it say on the build guide if I still have to use USB for BBLoader?
  17. WillF

    Discussion BBLoader issue log. (old, no longer used)

    Hi, I haven't trimmed my wii yet. I want to get the software installation over with first. Here's my issue with BBLoader After installing the iOS wads mentioned in the forum I nearly installed BBLoader but when I go in it says Could not load /bbloader/themes/BBmain/theme.xml I have all of...