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    Papa posty is proud :')
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    N64p Advance 2.0

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    A RPi Portable Made Out Of Hemp - The HemPi

    Best week ever. Miss ya Nold!
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    oof ouchie ow my soldering pride. But in all seriousness YES! I will take all the advice and help I can get. Ain't nobody perfect. Noted. No shorting U10 to ground for reset. Not even if I REAAAAALLY want to.
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    I tested it probably a dozen times with no instability but YMMV, that's why I said if you choose. I remember vaguely you explained why this isn't a good idea but I can't remember your exact answer. Could you elaborate?
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    Hello everyone, back with an update! I revised the PCB to improve the chip thermals. The board now has exposed ground plane with vias around the chips to help keep the TPS regulators cool. I also added an attiny10 for pulsing the U10 point at startup. The program is designed to run at startup...
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    AFAIK the efficiency is directly tied to how much current is drawn from the regulator not the time it has been used. I can update with more pictures when I am back in the modstation!
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    A very good point, I should probably not write this at 2am lol Two distinctions to make here: 1. Only the 1.0v/1.15v regulator chip gets hot to the touch, that is because: 2. The efficiency of those voltages drop to about ~80% percent at max current draw of 1.84A on the 1.15v line and ~85% on...
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA for so long, but I return with tasty memes. I present to you all: PIIza TIme. A custom Wii regulator board built off of 2x TPS54395 switching voltage regulators with around ~90%-95% on the 5.0v and 3.3v lines and ~80%-85% efficiency on the 1.15v and 1.0v...
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    Board scan Consolized Gameboy Guide: Wiring a NES controller to a DMG

    Ayyyye, we got the NES controller working!
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    Question OG Xbox wireless controller mod

    Derp, I missed the 3rd part controller drop in part. Go with what Madmorda said, that's definitely your best bet. You could also find the pinouts for the buttons on the controller and where they connect to on the main IC on the board, trim the 3rd party board, then wire it up to a first party...
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    Wavebird Inside A Wired Gamecube Controller

    Dude, this is amazing. I am definitely trying this out!
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    Question OG Xbox wireless controller mod

    Not off the top of my head, but is this your first project? If it is I would recommend a mod that is slightly easier because this would be a pretty intense project. One method that comes to my mind is using some sort of microcontroller and a bluetooth module in the controller and in the dongle...
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    Custom Crystal (acrylic) Computer

    I got 3 boards, 2 of them with the same specs as this computer. Those two I got for 350 and 175. Then I got a board with a i7-4710hq and a 970m for 90 bucks >:D
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    Custom Crystal (acrylic) Computer

    Hey all! Sort of an unconventional project for BB but I wanted to share anyways. I came across some alienware laptop motherboards that would not charge batteries (BMS may have gone out on the board) and I picked up a couple of them VERY cheap. After some tinkering, a couple of iterations...
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    Question Idea for portable(ish)

    Great info, thanks person who is clearly not Johnny!
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    Question Idea for portable(ish)

    Cannot, to my knowledge they mostly are SPI or I2C driven meaning that they use code to drive the screen's image. You will need a composite/RGB/vga screen with a driver board in order for it to work with your portable.
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    Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    When looking at any sort of flash memory, look at the price. If the price is too good to be true, it most likely is.
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    hemlo sir yes i wold liek v much if u could maek me a v nice portabel jus lik dis w my alowance my mom gave me i will gib u 10$ ok thank But actually though, as always, I would take your portable on a classy date if I could. 10/10 would portable again.
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    Portables of Bitbuilt Yearly Calendar Initiative

    That should be August's picture so we can call it WAHugust. I like where this is heading.