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  1. Trozze

    Worklog Portable Famicom

    Thanks! I have been moving this autumn, so the modding is on hold. I will continue later this spring :)!
  2. Trozze

    Worklog Portable Famicom

    My main console is a RGB Switchless Twin Famicom AN-505-BK :D:D! Sorry for the late response, life got in the way, but now I am back.:blush: I have spent several days working on a schematic and designing the PCB that will handle the audio, 5V-regulator, BMS, Relay to turn on the console, Turn...
  3. Trozze

    Worklog Portable Famicom

    Thanks :D! I'm going to use composite for the LCD. I am currently designing the PCB and programming the AVR-chip that will control most of the stuff; this is why I have not posted anything yet. I can hopefully post some update later this week! :awesome: Thank you! :D
  4. Trozze

    Question Voltage Regulator, No Voltage Output...

    No!!! Don't short the power to ground!! It will work without the capacitor!
  5. Trozze

    Worklog Portable Famicom

    I have done a lot of modifications on the motherboard. :D Removed the RF-board, removing the old ceramic caps with new SMD, soldered them to the bottom of the PCB. Also removed the expansion port on the front and the reset switch. Replaced the crystal with a brand new one (some Famicoms...
  6. Trozze

    Worklog Portable Famicom

    This will be my Portable Famicom worklog, I hope you will enjoy reading it! I will post a lot of pictures. Some goals: * Make it organized inside * All parts should be removable (No hot glue :blush:). * Reuse as much of the original console as possible * Turn On/Off with the start-button *...
  7. Trozze

    Question Voltage Regulator, No Voltage Output...

    What is missing is most likely a ceramic capacitor (not a resistor); if you look to the right, it uses double ceramic capacitors to filter the other power rails. EDIT: This thread has information about the GC powerboard, the pin you describe as "floating" is used for thermal protection.
  8. Trozze

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Thank you! :D Hoping to contribute to the community. I think they might have changed the limit, because I got eight posts and still cannot create any threads. :(
  9. Trozze

    Worklog PS Que?

    Very nice layout of the different boards! I like that you use screws instead of gluing the parts into place :D
  10. Trozze

    Worklog Unnamed Pi 3 Portable

    I think you should go with the Gray Super NES color scheme :)!
  11. Trozze

    What is your electronic background?

    I started with repairing my NES ~10 years ago and then moved on to buying broken systems and learning how to fix them. Learning more about Electronics and soldering on the way. Now I’m designing PCBs for my own modworks.
  12. Trozze

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi all! Have been lurking around for some time now and finally joined. Have modded/repaired consoles for the last 10 years, always wanted to make a portable console. I am currently working on a Famicom portable, will make a worklog when I can (cannot for some reason not make threads).
  13. Trozze

    5" screens and some questions about powering them on a n64 board

    All screens I have used has accepted 7.4 volt with no issues. The switching IC can usually go as low as 6volt.
  14. Trozze

    Question Alt. Ground For Damaged Ground Pin

    Looking at the pictures, you should be able to use any of these points marked in red.
  15. Trozze

    RDP 64 (Complete)

    Nice work! I like the casedesign!