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  1. Cradiak

    Worklog The Retro Dream - RetroPie in a Dreamcast VMU

    Hey! Been awhile since I've done a a long while lol But I've definitely been getting the itch and I've been in love with different RetroPie builds I've seen popping up, and I decided to do a project I saw a couple years ago that I absolutely fell in love with. This is not an...
  2. Cradiak

    Testing durability of different clear coats

    King of Random did a somewhat controlled test to find what clear coat was most durable with readily available products. Krylon Specialty Lacquer was one of the best. Good info, obviously will depend on what application you are using it on, but I thought I’d share it.
  3. Cradiak

    Worklog Hypothetical Pi Portable

    If you aren’t planning in using them, you could remove them via dremel but be careful not to damage the board. I would suggest desoldering them using a Soldering iron and desoldering vacuum pump, they are really cheap on amazon. Another method is using a hot air rework station and using hot air...
  4. Cradiak

    Worklog The Wii SPii

    Man this looks so good! It's amazing the level of portables being built these days. I feel way out of my league with you guys. I can't wait to see the final product!
  5. Cradiak

    Party Box Wii Portable

    I love it! I personally like using a controller better than a handheld. My first portable was a Wii laptop using the ZN case, I did very minimal trimming so it had controller ports and everything too. And I added a video out as an afterthought because I found when I would take it places we would...
  6. Cradiak

    Worklog Opposite of Portable

    Nice arcade! I just recently finished an Arcade1Up mod with a Pandora Games 3D, it brings back so much nostalgia! Hope you enjoy your newly finished arcade :)
  7. Cradiak

    Worklog Hypothetical Pi Portable

    Yes and no. The regular USB 2.0 ports have 4 pins, so removing it will leave you with 4 pads to solder to. The RP4 also has a USB 3.0 port, and those have 9 pins instead of 4 because they have faster data transfer.
  8. Cradiak

    Worklog My first GCp

    Very nice! I love the GC, I made a GCP as well, so don't worry about the haters haha I only got about 40 mins of battery life out of my crappy battery pack, so 1hr 45min isn't bad at all. My thought process is most of the time when you are going to be somewhere more than 2 hours you'll have...
  9. Cradiak

    The Heavii

    Nice job. Eliminating the need for a fan is cool. It looks like it would be pretty comfortable to play, Reminds me of the Varia Cube.
  10. Cradiak

    [SOLD] GameCube Portable (GameCube SPITE)

    No it’s not. I updated the initial post to reflect this now. Thank you.
  11. Cradiak

    Discussion post your Gamecube controller

    Just got done modding a GameCube controller, first controller I've modded actually. Pretty much did it just so I had something to share here haha It isn't perfect, got some paint imperfections, but I like it :D Tried to do a triforce thingy in the middle, but the yellow led wasn't showing up...
  12. Cradiak

    PIS2 - PS2 portable with build in SMB server

    So many beautiful PS2 portables recently! This is fabulous work. Makes me want to start a PS2 portable!
  13. Cradiak

    PS2 Portable Ultimate Version (my 4° modelo)

    What a sexy boi
  14. Cradiak

    Worklog The Beginning: a.k.a. I dont know how to solder

    You can trim any board as long as you don't trim off a necessary section, or (if you do) wire the necessary components back to the board. Just be sure on multi-layer boards you sand it really well so there aren't any shorts. I've used one of those screens before (not that exact one but all those...
  15. Cradiak

    Worklog The Beginning: a.k.a. I dont know how to solder

    This is what I use for soldering. I highly recommend it, they go for around $50 and are really nice. There are several different styles and brands, this isn't the best by any means, I just go it because it fit my budget at the time but honestly I have zero complaints. Having hot air gun makes...
  16. Cradiak

    Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    I personally haven't used shielded wire, just regular insulated silicon wire like this, and I haven’t had any problem. I’d imagine if you don’t need shielded wire often you could probably just make it yourself or harvest it from another cord such as a power cord or something, several of those...
  17. Cradiak

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Welcome to the forum! This is an awesome place to be, congrats on starting your first portable! It's one of the most rewarding projects you can do imo. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress once you get into it!
  18. Cradiak

    Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    THIS is the magnet wire I use, it is fantastic. Makes everything so much cleaner and neat compared to using silicon coated (or other) wires. Just have to burn a bit of the enamel coating off the end to solder it and you're good to go.
  19. Cradiak

    Worklog My First Portable Wii

    Maybe just me, but I can't see any image?
  20. Cradiak

    Worklog 2DC

    Dreamcast is my favorite system, I’m so excited for this build!!