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    I love the idea of having the sides of the screen hollow for the sticks to fit in. Absolutely genius. Great job dude!
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    Looking to commission a Wii Portable (again)

    Hello again. A year ago I sought after commissioning a Wii portable. After working with someone for a little over a year and being sent 2 units that ended up breaking in a week or less, I am looking again for someone else to commission a Wii portable from. This time I’m looking specifically for...
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    Guide Setting up Wii and GameCube games

    Forgive me for asking if it's already been answered, but I can't find the post if it has. What's the folder name for Wii Channels supposed to be? Got a WAD for the Mii Channel but I have no idea what folder to put it in since it doesn't seem like there's a dedicated "Wii Channels" folder or...
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    Worklog Nintendo Gamecube Portable

    That’s a clean ass portable good job my guy
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    18th birthday commission!

    Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted on the forums. While I am currently working on my own Wii portable, I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s not going to be very good. I doubt it’ll last long. I’ve always wanted to have a really nice Wii portable that I could rely on, and I figured that...
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    LED Joycons Finished!

    Wow, those look clean af! Good job man. Welcome to the community!
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    Anyone watch Michael Reeves?

    Just started watching his stuff recently. He's fucking hilarious and he makes the craziest shit. I think that people here who don't know about him would probably love his content, since it involves a lot of dumb coding and engineering. For anyone who's never seen a Michael Reeves video, start here:
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    WTB: RVL PMS and U-Amp

    Alright so hear me out. I'm making a Wii portable for my senior project at school. I have most of what I need. I actually have one of those old red battery boards and an old PowerMii Light, but I don't have an audio amplifier at all. I don't need an RVL PMS, but it would be really nice to have...
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    Question Magnet Wire - Do's and Don'ts?

    Portablizing noob here, back at it again with the dumb questions! Got myself some good magnet wire, and I think I know what kinda stuff I should and shouldn't use it for (I mean, stuff like "don't use it for voltage and ground" is obvious), but I wanna hear from the experts how you guys make use...
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    G-Wii Christmas Giveaway Stream

    Hell yeah dude. Gold G-Wii, exclusive for the winner of the giveaway (unless you make your own, of course).
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    Worklog Greasy Idiot's First Portable (WIP)

    Alright, for better or for worse, making a good wii portable is now officially my senior project. I had to fight a little to make it happen (my high school isn't super into technology), but I did it. Hopefully that will motivate me to get this done before the end of summer. Obviously this thing...
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    Favorite music?

    My friend is SUPER into TØP. I was never a massive fan, but Trench is an amazing album.
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    Worklog Greasy Idiot's First Portable (WIP)

    Damn. I'll totally check that out! Thanks for letting me know about it.
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    Worklog 2DC

    Seriously love this idea. Can't wait to see it!
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    Worklog Greasy Idiot's First Portable (WIP)

    Oh, I'm not going to get my full case printed from Shapeways. I got the prototype of the first half printed from them, but getting the whole thing printed came out to over $100 :P If I need to, I might, but right now I'm looking for other options.
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

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    Worklog Greasy Idiot's First Portable (WIP)

    So this project died for over half a year, because so did my motivation. I was without a job for a while, thus without my own money, thus unable to buy parts. So I was already kinda screwed, and that's not even mentioning how overwhelmed I started to feel. I don't know anything about so many...
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    Getting something out?

    The reality of a hobby like this is that you're first will never be as good as the best. The people who make incredible looking portables either already had tons of experience with 3D modeling and electronics, have been making portables for years and years, or have the persistence of a fucking...
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    (Canceled) Short BitBuilt Documentary?

    Thanks! And that would be greatly appreciated. Perfect. That will be super helpful. Thank you guys so much for all the help. I seriously wouldn't be able to do this without you.
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    Favorite music?

    Hey, my favorite instrument is the electric guitar too! I also listen to a lot of rock, and a little bit of metal if it isn’t too heavy (I can’t stand Slayer, for example. Trivium is about as heavy as I’m willing to go.) One of my favorite bands right now is Dorje, and two of my favorite songs...