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  1. buzzyc

    Question The G4 GameCube project

    Can confirm I have modded an NTSC-J with bridging a jumper to display the menu in English. Its my daily driver GC. I can't say for certain if it behaves identically to an NTSC-U, but it plays NTSC-U games and NTSC-J games. I can only imagine the boards are functionally identical and the language...
  2. buzzyc

    Question The G4 GameCube project

    If you do plan to go down the Pluto route, this PCB allegedly make installation painless: I haven't done it myself, but plan to when I finally get around to giving the Pluto a crack.
  3. buzzyc

    Worklog Nintendo Vegas

    In practicality sense, all the test pads for BT, USB, Voltage rails would be nicer to work with. In reality, getting to the point of the Vegas undermines the ease these test pads will bring :P But, pretty!
  4. buzzyc

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim corona)

    Loved the new video!
  5. buzzyc

    Model Party Box STL files

    Not this is indicative that the actual board internals will be different, but the IO between the 2 models is very different
  6. buzzyc

    GC Micro A la Wesk -- with HDMI and internal wavebird receiver.

    Awesome work! I really wanted to get of these off the ground, but have yet to get a successful NAND relocation to work. Was there any design reason for barrel plug over say Micro/USB C?
  7. buzzyc

    Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim corona)

    What thought have you given to the controller if any? Do you plan for now to just repurpose the existing controller ICs and PCB for logic?
  8. buzzyc

    Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Been following this for a while, and recently joined your FB group to grab the STLs and read other attempting this too. Really keen to try this out - just need to find someone with a printer with a bed size big enough to fit it :D
  9. buzzyc

    Question Gameboy Color inside of a Pocket

    It's been successfully done by a number of members on the Gameboy Discord. I'd probably recommend reaching out to them to see if they're willing to assist. Otherwise, there is the easier method of trimming down a GBC board to fit into a GBP shell. There is a full tutorial on YouTube, and the...
  10. buzzyc

    Worklog My First Portable - The "Wii Lite"

    If your dremel is arriving tomorrow, can I assume its the first time you will use one with any real experience? If so, don't let the Wii be the first thing it touches! Practice first on some scrap plastic, old PCB etc to get a feel of the cutting pressure before you potentially slip and gouge...
  11. buzzyc

    Guide Gameboy Macro Screen Swapping

    From what Ive learned so far, it works, but is very finicky. Requires Flashme, TwilightMenu & NDS-Out to be run before launching any games. People are hoping there is a FW flash option in the future as the current scenario is messy and R4DS cart depedant
  12. buzzyc

    Question Cover

    Assume 'usb' is the root of your removable drive
  13. buzzyc

    MEMORIAL DAY DISCOUNT!!! AVE-HDMI, Analog2HDMI, AVE-Relocation, microSD-to-USB, and GameCube Controller Breakout...

    Looks great, especially the analog 2 HDMI converter. I am a little disappointed (though not your fault) that shipping for the product to AU costs more than the product itself. Is there a way to shrink the $17USD cost for something so tiny and light? Or is shipping cost outside of your control...
  14. buzzyc

    PS4 Portable?

    Additionally, the slim doesn't look that tiny tbh. I wasn't able to find any dimensions on this online, but using the battery holder as a known size of 2cm you can estimate the board as 22x12cm. This is similar to an untrimmed Wii.
  15. buzzyc

    PS4 Portable?

    A cursory google shows a PS4 draws around 137watts during gameplay.
  16. buzzyc

    How to play FC SFC MD GB GBC GBA PCE N64 PS1 roms without mxchip

    I can confirm I have the same experience on my G-Wii This simply may be a limitation of BBLoader at this time.
  17. buzzyc

    Question Anything I should know before building a portable?

    Download the compendium Take your time reading over all the layers and traces Explore with a multimeter what traces to where. As Wesk said, 90% of a portable is understanding. Early on, I had many a "aha!" moment when it clicked how chips/ICs had a relationship.
  18. buzzyc

    Guide Setting up Wii and GameCube games

    From your video it looks like you're trying to launch a NES VC game? These require the MX chip to have been relocated to work, which is often optional in many Wii portable builds. You can run a Homebrew app to check if the MX chip is present. There is a link to the dol file in this thread...
  19. buzzyc

    Worklog PS1 Native VGA mod (15khz)

    Following Wesk's guide, I was able to successfully mod my SCPH55xx (PU-18) PS1 as well. Although I don't have a 15Khz CRT at home, I stumbled upon this wiki and was delighted to see that I have 2 monitors at home that support 15Khz inputs: List of modern monitors that support 15 kHz analog RGB...
  20. buzzyc

    Worklog Gwi/gboy work log for a noob

    The MX and Bluetooth can also be relocated, those these are optional and more difficult. Without bluetooth you cannot use wiimotes (may be a null point, just make sure all settings are configured in the Wii menu like Video type, screen size etc ahead of the trim) Without MX you cannot play some...