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    PS Hanami

    That's some nice work dude, i love it!
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    Eyoyo Screen auto ON and OFF using Electron Shepherd HDMI - Help!

    Try to change the game resolution from GSM settings
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    K1 K10 start K9 select
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    I bought mine from taobao “Chinese website” long time ago but you can find them in eBay if you in US just search for “rg350p joystick” but no point to use them since the ps2plus code is updated and compatible, so you can use switch joysticks just fine. and yes thats what I did for the memory card.
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    if you mean the kaico pcb the other two pads are L&R audio
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    Thanks! It’s a kaico ps2 to hdmi adapter, iirc the chip in top is ms9282 the other one is stm8 controller
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    Guide The SEGASATURN Trimming Guide

    Thanks for sharing this!
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    Yes, kaico cable
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    I bought this screen from chinese website called taobao through a proxy service since they does not ship internationally, but I believe you can find it in AliExpress too.
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    Thanks! I'm not that good at making videos lol, but here's a quick one.
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    Via microcontroller, it gives the ps2 a “pulse” when the PMS is turned on
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    Hi, this is my seconde PS2 build is finally done! Feature List: 5.5 hdmi to mipi screen 1080*1920 IPS Digital audio SD card for storage USB-C Charging 2x 18650 batteries Controlled backlight & audio through the dpad Headphone jack Auto boot ps2 no need for extra button 3d printed case in black...
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    Question 5v switching regulator

    5v is required for the video&audio DAC.
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    Worklog The Color 64!

    Nice progress! Is there anypoint to solder UltraVGA wires to RCP instead of NUS? although NUS is much easier
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    Worklog My first Wii build WiiVision

    Check out wiivision video on shanks YT
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    Worklog My first Wii build WiiVision

    No problem!
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    Worklog My first Wii build WiiVision
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    Worklog Spaghetti's Playstation Shield portable!

    Glad I could help :D looking forward to the finished piece!
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    Worklog GameBoy 64! V2.0

    Fantastic work!