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  1. KaptainTape

    Worklog The GS2

    Nice project! Don't forget to use me on your wiring to prevent shorts!
  2. KaptainTape

    Question Desoldering Issues

    I see you are trying to make a Wii laptop! Very good. Might I suggest keeping the ports on the board intact and placing them on the side of your laptop casing to gain access to them for multiplayer capabilities? You could even cut the trace for data on the player 1 port and solder a switch to...
  3. KaptainTape

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi all! New to portablazing, avid electronics enthusiast. I am a yellow transparent roll of tape, with googly eye and tape cape. BUT I'm also a helpful memer of mod-ciety! thank :)
  4. KaptainTape

    Discussion Batteries

    I believe a generic GC supply would work too? Now if only one could safely power off a car battery. :rothink:
  5. KaptainTape

    Resistor and capacitor question

    Hello! It looks like you are stuck on resistance for TI regulators. I believe a 1.8k will work just fine. Here is the diagram for calculating resistance needed. As you can see, 1.8k is lower than 1.89k, thus making this ideal for testing! Good luck. :)